These days, Iā€™m a Art Director, UI product designer, and creative thinker. Experience in TV Broadcast, Digital Media, Print, UI app creation, animation, and all components related to concepting, pitching, art directing, designing, and launching a concept/product across multiple channels of media to reach a targeted consumer group.

Specialties: Adobe CC Creative suite, Sketch, inVision, MS Word, XCEL, and PPT. Creative pitching (not the baseball type), Client relations, Print production, and animation.

Fine art skills: Acryllic, Graphite, Ink, Spraypaint, mixed media, Mural design, and traditional printmaking.

Fun Stuff: Plays the trumpet, skateboards, snowboards, goes to punk shows, plays with my kids, and doodles whenever paper and drawing tools are within reach.

If you would like to collaborate on some work, drop me a line. Iā€™m always around.

email: pickett.brandon@gmail.com
mobile: 303-875-1585